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For over 10 years, my work is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom, by which standards I uphold myself to live. I assist and support people from all walks of life with their personal path towards equilibrium, sovereignty, and transformation. My work is an accumulation of Eastern & Western Esotericism, in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, and Philosophy.

Through hard work and a life of devotion, I have wrestled and fought my way into a certain measure of light that I offer in service to the best of my abilities. I have gained broad experiential knowledge of many spiritual, mystical and alchemical disciplines that I share with you as my personal living philosophy.

I aim to offer a service that will allow you to stop seeking salvation outside yourself, and instead, discover -through deep inner work- liberation, direction, and strength within.
A journey inwards leading to the warm life of Soul which we can call home.


Live Online Lectures

Enquire deeply into the empowering principles of the spiritual life, embrace the mystery and higher guidance of your own soul.

1. Discover your hidden strengths.
2. Gain empowering perspectives on difficult but meaningful parts of your life.
3. Learn to see your purpose through the eyes of your own soul.

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People’s Experiences…

“You ARE born to share your light… What a gift you are Rune!!! I was transformed by simply listening to you. Your ability to anchor people with such lightness and humanness is extraordinary.” – Saif Ali (UK)

“Rune is a spotlight, always able to illuminate the dark area inside me that I forgot about and I need to see and/or remember about. Like a lighthouse, he helps me to get oriented when I am lost in “the ocean of my life”. Always able to identify and help me to take out exactly the thing or answer I need to see or remember in that specific moment.”  – Michael Joseph Graziano, IT Developer (Italy)