For more than 10 years my life has been dedicated to assist and support people from all over the world with their personal path to equilibrium, sovereignty and transformation. My work is an accumulation of Eastern & Western Esotericism.

I feel privileged to have been exposed to ancient wisdom traditions from an early age, mainly through the practice of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. Along my path I have received guidance from excellent teachers and mentors who saw me worthy of receiving often kept secret teachings. But it has been primarily my own autodidactic skills and unwavering dedication to a life of growth and the pursuit of wisdom that has brought me many riches that I gratefully share as a contribution to society.

I have a broad experiential knowledge of many spiritual, mystical and alchemical disciplines. All whom I use for my own personal daily practice and convey in the work that I love so much.


Online Learning Platform

On a regular basis I organize LIVE talks and guided meditations on Facebook discussing specific topics. I talk about life situations, navigating paradoxes, digesting trauma, esoteric studies, metaphysical science, wider world issues, and the connections between them.

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People’s Experiences…

“You ARE born to share your light… What a gift you are Rune!!! I was transformed by simply listening to you. Your ability to anchor people with such lightness and humanness is extraordinary.” – Saif Ali (UK)

“Rune is a spotlight, always able to illuminate the dark area inside me that I forgot about and I need to see and/or remember about. Like a lighthouse, he helps me to get oriented when I am lost in “the ocean of my life”. Always able to identify and help me to take out exactly the thing or answer I need to see or remember in that specific moment.”  – Michael Joseph Graziano, IT Developer (Italy)