For more than 10 years my life has been dedicated to assist and support people from all over the world with their personal path to equilibrium, sovereignty and transformation. What I teach is an accumulation of Eastern & Western Mysticism.

I feel privileged to have been exposed to ancient wisdom traditions from an early age, mainly through the practice of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. Along my path I have received guidance from excellent teachers and mentors who saw me worthy of receiving often kept secret teachings. My own autodidactic skills and unwavering dedication to a life of growth and the pursuit of wisdom has brought me many riches that I gratefully share as a contribution to society.

I have a broad experiential knowledge of many spiritual, mystical and alchemical disciplines. All whom I use for my own personal daily practice and convey in the work that I love so much.

Teaching is my life’s calling. For the last 15 years I have undergone high intensity training of Martial Arts, Qigong and Esoteric Training. After my 5 year study in Traditional Chinese Medicine I became a fully licensed Acupuncturist. Which in the years after I specialised in ‘Ben Shen’; a deep study into human psychology. Meanwhile I became a certified Qigong teacher and therapist after a 5 year intensive teachers training in New Zealand by Yuan Tze. As part of the International Teachers Training I was asked to teach the Chinese Medicine modalities each year. All while growing my business and becoming an entrepreneur in the field of Qigong and Esoteric Coaching.

The majority of my clients and students are teachers, physicians or health professionals themselves looking to improve their own work, and cultivate deeper meaning in their profession.

For me, learning never ends… Currently I am being initiated into the world of anthroposophy. With Dr. James Dyson as my personal mentor. An adapt of Rudolf Steiner and expert in the field of child development and the development of human consciousness, also faculty member and adviser of many organisations worldwide.