For over 10 years, my work is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom, by which standards I uphold myself to live. I assist and support people from all walks of life with their personal path towards equilibrium, sovereignty, and transformation. My work is an accumulation of Eastern & Western Esotericism, in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, and Philosophy.

I am privileged to have been exposed to ancient wisdom traditions from an early age, mainly through the practice of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. Although I have received guidance from excellent teachers, it has been primarily my own autodidactic skills, hard work, and unwavering dedication to a life of growth that I wrestled and fought my way into a certain measure of light that I offer in service to the best of my abilities.

As a result, I teach my own personal philosophy that over the work of a decade consistently and considerably increased the quality of life for many. I aim to offer a service that will allow you to stop seeking salvation outside yourself, and instead, discover -through deep inner work- liberation, direction, and strength within. A journey inwards leading to the warm life of Soul which we can call home.

Teaching is my life’s calling. For the last 16 years, I have undergone high-intensity training of Martial Arts, Qigong and Esoteric Training. After a 5 year study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I became a fully licensed Acupuncturist. Which in the years after I specialized in ‘Ben Shen’: a deep esoteric study into human psychology. Meanwhile, I became a certified Qigong teacher and therapist after a 1-year training in The Netherlands and a 5-year intensive teachers training in New Zealand (one-thousand hours of course material and many more hours of training). As part of the International Teachers Training, I was asked to teach the Chinese Medicine modalities each year. All while growing my business and becoming an entrepreneur in the field of Qigong and Esoteric Coaching.

For me learning never ends… you will find me immersed in books on a daily basis. For three years now, I have been studying Esoteric Psychology and always deepening my knowledge of occult meditation, medicine, and philosophy mainly in the fields of Chinese Medicine, hermeticism, and theosophy.