As a widely acknowledged and qualified Qigong Expert and Esoteric Coach I have worked more than 10 years in the field of self-empowerment, healing and intensive work on the body all over the world.

Everything I teach I apply in my daily life and practice, which is an accumulation of Eastern and Western Mysticism, resulted in deep experiential knowledge in various fields. Giving this work a well rounded, practical and grounded approach.

I created this growing online community to offer support and opportunities to ask questions about all layers of life. I talk about life situations, light & shadow, esoteric studies, metaphysical science, wider world issues, and the connections between them. Always finishing off with a guided meditation.

You are most welcome to share your story in this very interactive space and connect with others who seek for the same knowledge and intimacy.

What People Are Saying…

“You ARE born to share your light… What a gift you are Rune!!! I was transformed by simply listening to you. Your ability to anchor people with such lightness and humanness is extraordinary.” – Saif Ali (UK)

“Thank you Rune for this workshop. There was a lot of powerful and useful information – but what I found most powerful was just your presence. I could feel my inner brightness come alive just by connecting with you, through the screen (and I barely know you). In this two hour session I was able to gain clarity (and even closure to some degree) around a pattern that had recently come up. Inspiring. You are clearly on a true path. Thanks again.” – Verena Jonker (NZ)

Topics That Will Be Discussed

Each time I cover a different topic. I take cosmic changes and global shifts into account and tune into what is needed collectively through my personal practice. I regularly source for your input to keep creating new content to support your more personal spiritual growth.

  • The three treasures: body, soul and spirit; and their meaning.
  • Shadow Mapping: How to digest your emotions and work through trauma.
  • How to find and cultivate an unwavering equilibrium.
  • The importance of a daily practice and my personal suggestions.
  • How to reclaim your inner authority.
  • The power of polarity. The true meaning of the Sun and Moon.
  • How to alchemise pain and suffering. The true spiritual path.
  • How the positive mindset kills polarity and eventually life.
  • And many more…

These classes and meditations are broadcast LIVE on Facebook. In order to stay up-to-date on the newest developments like my page and you will be notified. There you will find many videos containing much of the topics just presented. This is a great introduction into my work. I look forward to having you part of these interactive classes.

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