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Initially working with me will be an opportunity to relax, surrender and melt back into the warmth of your own soul and being, and to immerse yourself in a deep co-creative and healing field where all of your being is welcome. This space allows you to let go of the parts that are no longer serving you, to make room for the deep richness and light you naturally long to express and share.

There is something deeply satisfying about feeling a deep permission to unlayer the often hidden grief, pain and trauma, and to transform it in a safe environment just like nature intended. There is no need to relive your past, by allowing what wants to be seen, felt and heard, the body’s intelligence naturally takes over and digests it.

The effects of this are simply life changing, resulting in increased freedom, strength and equilibrium.

Immerse yourself in an inspiring and esoteric journey steeped in rejuvenating wisdom. Discover hidden teachings of the ancient sages and the metaphysical mysteries of the modern Initiate.

Our world has never been so densely populated by high level initiates of the spiritual path. The majority carry exceptional sensitivities. They are absolute treasures that greatly benefit the planetary evolution and the colossal transition of this era.

Why are we becoming increasingly more sensitive? Why are the higher forces in this world revving up the spiritual pressure? What does it mean to be an initiate during this time?

Let me offer you a powerful philosophy to help clarify your spiritual destiny and further investigate the majestic adventures of the human soul. This unique perspective will empower you by helping you understanding the nature of life’s challenges and receive the tools to transmute anything that comes on your path.

Work with me if you are looking to…

  • Channel Your Sensitivities – Overcome sensory overload and manage your energy.

  • Engage Your Emotional Digestive System – Work through unresolved trauma and emotional stagnation like nature intended.

  • Command Your Space and Hold Your Own – Do not let your own thoughts, feelings and those of others dictate your state. Discover the Power of Peace.

  • Purify Your Bodies – Sculpt, cleanse and heal your physical and ethereal body.

  • Gain Clarity of Mind – Navigate difficult phases of life and discover the next steps.

  • Explore Esoteric Science – Enhance psychic abilities, advance meditation techniques, fortify light body, navigate paradoxes, balance the Feminine and Masculine forces, cultivate strength of spirit, and discuss wider world issues.

This is just the beginning…

We humans are comprised of a myriad of layers and operate in many different realms. I read these realms and create a map in my own mind that helps me to navigate each individual and guide them back to the warm hearth of their own inner soul life.

Many false beliefs, values and thoughts have to be corrected in order to perceive this inner life of soul in a truer light. In all Esoteric Teachings this is seen as just the beginning. From here, initiation takes us into a much deeper realm of self discovery and the bringing forth of our unique gifts ready to be shared.


“For those of you who have not yet worked with Rune, he is so worth the investment. YOU are worth the investment. He wholeheartedly wishes the best life possible for you and will help you to achieve that!”
– Cathy Fox, Amatsu Therapist (Ireland)

“Rune is a spotlight, always able to illuminate the dark area inside me that I forgot about and I need to see and/or remember about. Like a lighthouse, he helps me to get oriented when I am lost in “the ocean of my life”. Always able to identify and help me to take out exactly the thing or answer I need to see or remember in that specific moment.”
– Michael Joseph Graziano, IT Developer (Italy)

“Rune is a gifted and insightful healer. Working with Rune has transformed my life on the levels of body, mind, and spirit. I look forward to continuing my work with him and to witness the positive changes that unfold.”
– Tara Acevedo, Qigong Teacher (USA)

“Rune is a wonderful gifted teacher who is able to communicate complex topics clearly and brightly.”
– Jo Roberson, Artist (New Zealand)

“You ARE born to share your light… What a gift you are Rune!!! I was transformed by simply listening to you. Your ability to anchor people with such lightness and humanness is extraordinary.”
– Saif Ali, CEO Integr8 UK (UK)

Included in one Introductory Session…

  • Tools for Organ Rewiring: releasing, replenishing, restoring and realigning the organ system and energy centers. Through induction/transmission and teaching you to do it yourself.

  • Shadow Mapping: releasing and uncovering emotional blocks; dissolving limiting beliefs, negative implants, contracts and even trauma.

  • Qigong Techniques: Simple yet very effective moving meditation exercises to reach higher levels of wellbeing.

Allow me to share with you everything I have learned and cultivated over the years to support your journey in this lifetime.

60-minutes for $99

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