Welcome your human existence. It has taken profound courage to be in this physical form and take on this earthly quest and exploration. Your life is sacred and will make a profound impact on the collective evolution; our shared destiny. Claim your life as your own, for there is a reason that you are here.

In Internal Alchemy your human nature is represented within the body in a place called ‘The Lower Heart’. The lower heart is the area of the upper abdomen and consists of the stomach, spleen and liver; they are the masters of this human realm and make up the Emotional Digestive System. In this area, undigested emotions are stored and build up –  eventually causing stress, tension or even trauma.

The Emotional Digestive System works in a similar way to the physical alimentary system. However, rather than processing food and liquids, it digests thoughts, feelings and emotions. Like the physical digestive system, your emotional digestive system can get full or overloaded, much like overeating. When this happens, the excess power of the mind overflows into the body with potentially damaging consequences to overall health. The spilling over of the mind needs to be transformed and directed.

The role of the Emotional Digestive System is to digest any impulses coming from the mind. As a highly sensitive being you are likely to pick up more impulses coming from the world around you and even the thoughts, feelings and emotions from others can swamp you.

It’s comforting to know that there is a reason why you feel chronically overwhelmed – the Emotional Digestive System is totally backed up, diverting large amounts of energy in desperate attempts to clear itself. There is an inexorable slide into depletion on more fundamental levels which is frankly exhausting and sensitises your whole system even further, leading to a vicious cycle of further depletion and eventually ill health.

The most effective way to break this cycle is to support your Emotional Digestion by taking the time and space to digest everything properly, just like you would after eating a big meal. Create opportunities to rest; prioritise time that is just for you and learn how to relax, melt and surrender back into your body. When you do, the Emotional Digestive System can do what it does best – mulching your thoughts, feelings and emotions into useful material, which we can call experience – and ultimately, wisdom.

While you are tucked under the duvet at night, the Emotional Digestive System is still hard at work. Vivid dreams can arise when there’s a lot for it to chew through, since dreaming is a way of sorting through experiences we’ve had during the day. By taking time and space for yourself during the day, there is less to process at night – resulting in deeper sleep, less disturbing dreamscapes, and eventually a transition into lucid dreaming.  

It’s a win-win: by improving the quality of your rest, the entire system is able to regenerate and heal on a deeper level. It is easier to keep a good state during waking hours, and the vicious cycle of overwhelm/sensitivity is broken.

How do you know that your Emotional Digestive System is going into overload? Watch for feelings of agitation, restlessness and anxiety and take a time-out as soon as you can. Hang onto your good state above all else – and when you do, you will take another giant step towards mastery.

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